Monday, October 2, 2023

Session-1 Efficiency Improvement in Power Sector and Plant Facilities

Current Energy Trends and Energy Saving Potential in Vietnam

Abstract: Introduce the current trends of energy use in Vietnam; Government regulations, policies and programs on energy saving

Mr. Nguyen Viet Dung
Officer, Department of Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development, Ministry of Industrial and Trade

Sodium Sulfur Battery

Abstract: Sodium Sulfer Battery is a releable large scale battery with 560MW/4,000MWh installation record worldwide. This battery is used for peak cut of demand in large consumer, energy shifting of overgenerated PV power, BCP, etc.

Mr. Tomio Tamakoshi,
Deputy General Manager Energy Storage Division Energy Infrastructure Business Group, NGK Insulators, Ltd.

Energy reduction by Utilizing Natural Gas

Introducing the benefits of fulel conversion from coal, heavy oil, and diesel oil to natural gas.
Current situation of Vietnam’s natural gas market.
Mr. Shigemitsu Tanaka
Chief Operating Officer;
Sojitz Osaka Gas Energy

Oversea's Solutions Business of Kansai Electric Power Group

Abstract: Utilizing the equipment operation and maintenance know-how that we have cultivated, we propose the optimum system and operation customized for each customer. We carry out one-stop design, construction, and operation of equipment, and realize energy saving and CO2 saving at overseas bases.

Mr. Kotaro Miyake
Chief Representative
The Kansai Electric Power Co.,Inc.
(Kanden Energy Solution Co.,Inc.)

CDQ Technologies for E-saving Steelmaking Process, Nippon Steel Eng

– Introduction of CDQ technology which contribute to energy saving for steel manufacturing industries.

– Feature and history of NSE CDQ.

Mr. Nao Yamanaka
Group Manager,
Southeast Asia Group,
Steel Plant Marketing Dept
Nippon Steel Engineering Co.,Ltd

Session-2 Waste to Energy Technologies

Waste to Energy in Vietnam

Abstract: Assessment of potential for waste market and burning waste for power generation, including domestic and industrial waste.
Some difficulties and barriers faced by investors in the process of building and implementing projects on Waste to Energy, and proposing some solutions to promote the market for Waste to Energy in Vietnam.

Le Trong Linh
Project Director
Thuan Thanh Environment JSC

Nippon Steel Engineering Waste to Energy Technology

– Introduction of Waste to Energy technology
– Features of NSE’s WtE Technology.

Ms. Yuriko Endo
Assistant Manager Overseas Business Development Department, Marketing and Sales Section
Nippon Steel Engineering Co.,Ltd

Waste to Energy system connecting industries for CO2 reduction & Energy Conversion

We present our major Waste to Energy (WtE) sytsem (including Incineration of waste to generate power, Fermentation of waste to generate biogas utilized as fuel gas, power generation,…) and introduce our new value, which is the cooperation of these WtE system with industries and the conbination with power conversion system (Hydrogen Generation system from renewable energies, Methanatin technology to generate methane gas from hydrogen) for CO2 reduction from WtE plant & conversion of CO2 to New Energy

Ms. Luong Thi Mai Huong
Sales Manager
Hitachi Zosen Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Session-3 Utilization of Heat, High Efficient Boilers and other E-saving Technologies

Potential of Un-used and Efficient Heat Utilization in Vietnam

Abstract: In the past two decades, Vietnam has experienced one of the worlds´ most rapid economic growth rates with the continuous development of industrial sectors. There are number of enterprises in industrial sectors using heat energy from the fuel combustion in the form of kiln, furnace, boiler etc. for purposes of production process such as drying, cooking, heat transfer, firing product such as brick, ceramic, steel etc. The heat energy system including generation, distribution and utilization always produce the heat loss that could be recovered for other purpose of production process or to increase efficiency of the heating energy system. The losses may present in the form of high temperature flue gas going out of the kiln, furnace, boiler or the condensate recovery system in not sufficient way. It could be also in the form of unburned carbon in the ash or some utility system may evaporate a huge amount of steam but just waste in the air without recovered. As a developing country with low technology, the Un-used heat loss in Vietnam is very high and there are many chance to increase efficiency of heat utilization system in Vietnam. The presentation gives the actual situations of un-used recoverable energy system that could give an ideas to increase efficiency of heat utilization systems in Vietnam.

Dr. Nguyen Xuan Quang
School of Heat Engineering and Refrigeration
Hanoi Univercity of Scienece and Technology

Introduction of Heat Pump and Themal Storage System Technologies to contribute the reduction of GHG emissions

HPTCJ introduces Heat Pump and Thermal Storage Sytem technologies that contribute to reducing GHG emissions in various sectors toward decarbonization.

Mr. Akihiro Takeuchi
International & Technical Research Department
Heat Pump & Thermarl Storage Technology Center of Japan

Kawasaki Cogeneration System & Hydrogen Technology for power generation

For further development of Vietnam KAWASAKI is willing to provide solutions for highly efficient use of energy and expansion of renewable energy by introducing of KAWASAKI Gas turbine/Gas engine Cogeneration system with clean natural gas and also Kawasaki Hydrogen technology for power generation.

Mr. Yuichi Higuchi
Energy Systen & Plant Engineering Company International Energy System Sales Dept. Sales Section 2 Sales Representative
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.

High-efficiency once-through b

Abstract:By introducing high-efficiency once-through boiler and chiller system using waste heat. KTE aims to reduce CO2 emissions, saving energy, and promote the use of renewableenergy in Vietnam.

Mr. Tatsuya Tanaka
Manager, Overseas Project Department
Kawasaki Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd.

Innovative façade technology in ZEB and smart city

We will introduce the latest trends in building materials that integrate energy-saving glass and solar cells.

Mr. Hidefumi Odaka
Executive Director
AGC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd